How to live with Mouth Cancer

by on April 16, 2012
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After a person is diagnosed with mouth cancer, the discussion with his doctor about treatment modalities and options ensues. The patient who is already disturbed with his diagnosis is more confused about the treatment. This stressful time can be tackled by adopting the following measures:


Information about mouth cancer

The patient should know about his disease as much as possible. All options should be discussed with the doctor, and an effort should be made to learn more through books, websites, etc. The decision of treatment option should preferably be made once the patient knows and understands all about treatment benefits, side effects and the cost involved.


  • Discussion with other patients of Mouth Cancer

A patient should meet with other patients who have benefitted from treatment. Also cancer support groups in the area be contacted and consulted. Online forums and message boards, etc., are yet another option to gain more knowledge about mouth cancer.


  • Involvement of family and friends

The family and friends of the patient can be a source of mental, emotional and physical support. This group can help a lot by contributing a small part of their time and money.


  • Self relaxation

The patient must try to relax himself by indulging in something he enjoys like movies, books, playing board-games etc.



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