3 Ways To Fight Dental Phobia

by on May 7, 2012

Distracting yourself

Whether it’s listening to your favorite music or reading a good book, distracting yourself while you’re heading toward the dental office, waiting outside or even when having a regular dental examination can help you fight dental phobia.  You may consider taking your iPod with you or bringing something that’ll keep you busy and entertained on your way to the dental office or during those waiting hours. These things will keep your mind from thinking about those injections or dental drills. Although distracting yourself is important to fight those fears at the dental office, it doesn’t mean that you can distract or annoy other people by those loud cell phone conversations or play loud music or video games.

Using relaxation techniques

Relaxation is an extremely important element in terms of fighting stress and anxiety of any kind. Breathing deeply or thinking only about things that make you happy will keep your mind from brooding about the pain or creepy feeling you might have at the dental office.

Eating before your dental visit

Many people have this bad habit of coming to the dental office with an empty stomach.  While you may find it difficult to eat something when you’re stressed or worried, you can’t ignore the fact that having the stomach twist and roll the whole time will only make your ex

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