6 Reasons You Wouldn’t Dare Miss on Flossing!

by on February 20, 2012

Wanna Avoid Sickness?

Of course, the biggest purpose behind the idea of flossing and brushing on a regular basis is the removal of germs as well as harmful bacteria that are present in your mouth. If you fail to catch these bacteria before they succeed in making their way down your throat, you’ll be facing unwelcomed sickness. And flossing is what prevents you from getting sick in the long run.

Preventing Tooth Decay

If you are flossing or brushing your teeth on a regular basis, you’re actually removing the hardened plaque that could eventually take the form of tartar while harboring nasty bacteria in your mouth.

Healthy Teeth = Healthy Heart

 Apart from removing plaque and tartar, flossing also keeps the bacteria from damaging your organs; particularly your heart. Research has shown that regular flossing and brushing can contribute toward improved heart health.

Get rid of that stinky breath

If you think brushing is enough to remove all bacteria in your mouth, then you’re wrong. Flossing is also very important in terms of the removal of bacteria, getting rid of around 35% of the germs that brushing can’t handle alone.

Live longer, live healthier

Did you know that spending at least three minutes on flossing a day may add around six to seven years to a person’s life expectancy?

How about taming your appetite?

You sure didn’t know about this one, did you? Yes, flossing along with brushing does have a positive impact on your appetite. When you floss, your subconscious mind decides not to eat as it wouldn’t make any sense to eat when you’ve just cleaned the teeth.

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