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Worthing Dental Centre Joins Brighton Implant Clinic Group in 2012

New Clinic opening 2012Worthing Dental Centre opened in 2005 and has provided dental treatment to residents of Worthing and surrounding areas since its opening. The dental centre has four full time dentists and one full time dental hygienist. Worthing Dental Centre will be moving this year to a new site at The Guildbourne Centre in Worthing Town Centre. The new site will see Worthing Dental Centre become a large multi discipline dental clinic of the 21st century. With almost 10000 square feet, the new centre will offer general dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Implants. The centre will continue to offer NHS dental services to its patients and will provide better access and choice to its current patients.

Gone are the days when cosmetic dentistry was just for celebrities, famous people or public figures that had to portray impressive images in front of their audiences. Recently, cosmetic dentistry has undertaken a worldwide boom for many reasons, including the fact that prices have decreased with the accessibility of modern, less-expensive dental technologies.

Reception areaIn addition, people are becoming more and more image conscious, so it is important to have a healthy, beautiful smile. There is no better way to get your perfect smile other than seeking the services of the skilled cosmetic dentists at Worthing Dental Centre. Conveniently located in the centre of Worthing Town Centre, this ultramodern, cosmopolitan dental practice is where patients and other clients receive professional, yet comfortable and relaxing services.

Founded seven years ago, Worthing Dental Centre is a clinic that not only has a personable and friendly team, we are proud to part of a group that have already won an array of prestigious awards, including the “Best Dental Practice 2009, and the “Most Attractive Practice in the UK,” in 2010. The dental clinic provides comprehensive introductory consultations in the use of the most sophisticated technology in facilities and equipment. Their helpful dental team gives advice, determines the best treatment course for each client, and then clearly explains how the treatment works. The care they provide is thorough, guaranteeing relaxation and comfort for their patients, especially those who are nervous about dental treatment. The Worthing Dental Centre caringly provides many options to keep all of their client’s minds at ease.

Reception area for new clinic in WorthingProud to be associated with the practice, the Brighton Implant Clinic attests to the fact that the clinic provides a wide range of treatments to clients in cosmetic dentistry and in general dental health.

The benefits clients receive from the clinic are unlimited, because the clinic provides a wide range of treatments. Their clients, in conjunction with the dentists, are able to choose the appropriate option to achieve long-lasting solutions to their needs. The clinic also provides results within the shortest time possible. Using the advanced technology they have in place produces results that their clients usually observe within just one to two days, leaving them happy and satisfied.

Now more than ever, excellent dental care is accessible, convenient and affordable for everyone. Let the friendly professionals at Worthing Dental Centre show you your dental care options, so you can achieve a healthy, beautiful smile and get back to living life to the fullest again.

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