Does Alcoholism Have Any Connection With Your Oral Health?

by on April 16, 2012

Yes, it sure does have a relation with your oral health. So the sooner you realize the harmful effects alcoholism accompanies, the earlier you can prevent serious oral and overall health problems by reducing, if not quitting, on your alcohol addiction.

The dental issues faced by an alcoholic worsen over time, as they typically don’t participate in practices of good oral hygiene. Moreover, it’s the teeth that have to pay the price for poor nutrition. It isn’t just one dental problem that alcohol addicts have to deal with. In fact, there’s a whole bunch of health issues including decay, tooth loss, abscess as well as gum disease that the harmful habit of alcoholism brings with it.

Are there any signs?

Yes, there are certain signs that show up in the mouth, reflecting the effects of alcoholism. These mostly include decay in the teeth or tooth loss. Alcoholism also leads to tongue problems like a painful tongue or a swollen tongue that burns because of poor nutrition.

Your dentist may also notice ulcerations in mouth corners or a gum disease known as gingivitis, which is often related to alcoholism. Alcohol addiction also affects the saliva flow in your mouth, as a result of which the body’s potential to protect itself against outside substances is impacted.

How Damaging Is It?

Alcohol addiction can be extremely damaging with your mouth experiencing injuries sustained in falls or gums bleeding on a frequent basis. Alcoholism tends to interfere with blood clotting, which can be a serious problem for the addict. Most alcoholics ignore this, increasing their chances of fracturing the jaw or breaking their teeth in case of imbalance or falls.

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