Understanding the Causes of Mouth Cancer

by on April 16, 2012

Cancer affecting one of the structures inside the mouth is known as mouth cancer. This cancer is alternatively called oral cancer or oral cavity cancer. Oral cancer can develop in any part of the mouth like lips, gums, cheeks (inner surfaces), tongue, floor and the roof of mouth, etc.

Various types of cancers developing on the head and neck area form a large group called head and neck cancers; and mouth cancer falls under this category. All head and neck cancers including the mouth cancer usually have same treatment modalities.

The patients with mouth cancer may present with one or more of the following signs and symptoms:

·        Sore throat which fails to heal.

·        Nodule or lump on the skin or inside the mouth.

·        A discolored area, either white or red, on a part inside of mouth.

·        Improper fitting dentures.

·        Shaking or loose teeth.

·        Painful tongue.

·        Stiff or painful jaw.

·        Pain or difficulty while chewing.

·        Pain or difficulty while swallowing.

·        Sore throat for a long period of time.

·        Sense of obstruction or narrowing of the throat.


A person who has any of the signs and symptoms mentioned above, which are producing problems and are present for a duration of more than 15 days require immediate appointment with a doctor. The doctor will examine the patient and will advise necessary lab tests or X-rays, etc.  And once the diagnosis of cancer is confirmed, appropriate remedial measures will be undertaken.


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