by on April 26, 2012

Affordable Dental Implants just £995

cement retained dental implant crowns

The dental implant process starts with a thorough examination of a patient’s mouth. During the initial assessment the implant surgeon will check to see if dental implants are suitable to replace your damaged or missing tooth/teeth. Photographs, x-rays and creating models are required before treatment can commence. A  CT scan is usually required for providing a 3-D x-ray of the teeth as well as the jaw. These images are crucial when planning the implant’s placement. Implant placement is typically done under local anaesthetic however some patients prefer to be sedated for the procedure.

implant abutments in place

Apart from offering Affordable Dental Implants, our team of professional dental experts aims at giving the gentlest treatment to the patient’s bone and soft tissue for ensuring optimum results. Believing in the importance of patient satisfaction, our experts offer follow-up advice in addition to developing a unique pain management plan based on the needs of every patient.

Having a beautiful, confident smile should no more be a dream! Whether you’re having trouble with your dentures slipping around or you’re looking for the best aesthetic restoration, it’s time to get that confident smile back with the affordable option of dental implants available at Worthing Dental Centre. Basically, dental implants are artificial roots, which are able to support crowns, bridges or dentures. Dental implants are made of titanium and have been shown for more than 30 years to be biocompatibility with bones and tissues present in the mouth. Dental implants are placed into the jaw bone so they feel and function like natural teeth.

At Worthing Dental Center

cement retained crowns

In 2012 we will open a new clinic at the Guildbourne centre in Worthing. The clinic will bring together the expertise of dental implant professionals from Brighton Implant Clinic. Due to the growing success of Brighton Implant Clinic we will now be able to offer this life changing dental treatment to patients from Worthing And West Sussex.