What Smoking Can Do To Your Oral Health?

by on February 20, 2012

Smoking is bad for your health. How often do you hear these words? Well, almost all of us are aware of the hazards smoking poses to our overall health (not to forget the mention of lung cancers and cardiovascular issues), but how many people think about the ways this habit can affect our oral health as well as the condition of teeth?

How is it related to tooth decay?

Smoking itself doesn’t develop tooth decay or worsens oral cavity that you may already have but it does cause your teeth to have a yellowish, stain look. If these stains aren’t removed, your mouth is more prone to oral problems including cavities.

Smoking and your gum health

As far as your gums are concerned, smoking does affect them badly. If you’re experiencing gum disease, your chances of overcoming the condition are reduced as long as you don’t quit smoking. Furthermore, if you’ve had surgery in the mouth or have undergone tooth extraction, smoking can slow down the healing process.

Smoking and oral problems

Smoking often leads to the development of halitosis or bad breath, which greatly affects your quality of life. Did you know that oral cancers are more common among smokers than regular people?


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