by on March 7, 2012

Regular hygienist appointments promote good oral health and maintain the condition of your teeth. Visiting your hygienist regularly also helps to prevent gum disease, which is the biggest cause of tooth loss in adults.

Gum disease can form when teeth are not cleaned properly and plaque builds up. The early stages of gum disease (Gingivitis) is easily treated with regular visits to your hygienist but it is imperative that you stick to a good daily oral health routine and attend a hygienist appointment, once every six months, where they will remove plaque and calculus from your teeth. They will also ensure that you have a good understanding of the most effective ways.

Your hygienist will give your teeth and gums a deep clean including areas that are not always reached with everyday brushing and flossing. Seeing a hygienist can reverse the affects of gum disease in the early stages, meaning your teeth will stay stronger and healthier for longer.

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