Good Brushing Techniques

by on March 29, 2012
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Regular brushing of teeth is very important because it prevents tooth decay and gum diseases. Brushing removes the bacteria of dental plaque that promote tooth decay and gum disease. Brushing is a simple task but many people do not know how to do it correctly. Skipping around so much and rubbing so hard does not clean teeth, it actually damages the teeth and gums. No matter how good one brushes their teeth; some bacteria will always be left behind. The growth of dental plaque starts again the moment you stop brushing and remove the tooth brush from your mouth. You should be very careful to use proper tooth brushing techniques so that the percentage of bacteria left behind will be the lowest possible.

Teeth should be cleaned for at least two minutes twice a day. It is important to take short and delicate strokes as teeth are delicate organs which need soft and delicate handling. Especially if one is already facing any oral problem. Gum cleaning is as important as tooth cleaning. So it is very important that while brushing, at the same time gentle strokes must hit on the gums too. The toothbrush should haze extremely soft bristle so that it does not rupture your gum line and result to bleeding.

Below are different cleaning techniques for people of different age groups.

Scrubbing technique: This method is used by children below 9 years of age. The bristles should be soft with tasteful toothpaste so that they do not shirk from cleaning their teeth.

Bass technique: Kids between the ages of 10- 15 years are supposed to make circular movements so that an adequate massage can be provided to developing gums. This covers all the gums and teeth area and gives a completely clean mouth.

Roll technique: In this technique one is supposed to give short strokes towards the teeth surface from gum margin. It is said that improper following of this technique may lead to neglected gum margin clean out.

Charter’s method: In this technique, one has to place the brush partially over the gums and partially over the teeth. A vibrating effect is given to the brush in circular movements. This technique is very beneficial but difficult to learn thus it is unpopular.

The tongue should also be brushed to remove bacteria that cause bad breath. Use a tongue scrapper if you are uncomfortable with the brush. If you have a bad breath problem, brushing the roof of your mouth helps a lot.

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