Why Does Your Dentist Recommend Mouthwash Use?

by on April 16, 2012

Complete oral hygiene=optimum oral health results

While regular tooth brushing and flossing play an extremely important role in taking care of your teeth, using a mouthwash is equally important for ensuring optimum oral health.  Use of a good mouthwash helps take care of your gums while reducing your chances of developing oral problems like  gum disease or plaque-accumulation. Dentists also consider mouthwash as a home remedy for oral infections and minor tooth injuries.

Your Mouth Shouldn’t Smell Bad

Bad breath is a common problem that results either from eating the wrong foods or because of an underlying oral problem. Whatever the case, bad breath is embarrassing and should be avoided at all costs. However because of certain commitments and temporary oral concerns like sensitivity, it isn’t possible to brush your teeth on a frequent basis. And this is where a mouthwash comes in handy.

Cavity Protection

There are many people who experience problems like bad breath more often than others. The condition is more common among seniors. Dry mouth is one of the major causes of serious mouth infections while promoting the development of cavities. The active ingredients in mouthwashes play an important role in preventing a dry mouth by stimulating the production of natural saliva. And fluoride-based mouthwashes help fighting tooth cavities.



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