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In recent times dental implants have become the most preferred method in the restoration of single or multiple missing teeth. A dental implant procedure allows the replacement of your tooth with an artificially made titanium screw-shaped tooth. The success rate for implants is quite commendable with ninety eight percent for lower implants and ninety one percent for upper implants. Dental implant success rate studies have shown that the success rate of implants is between 91-97%; this explains why it is the most preferred technique of teeth restoration.

Almost everyone who has been having routine dental care can successfully use implants. However, before going for an implant, you should obtain approval from your dentist or the general physician on your health status. People who suffer from complications such as heart problems, low bone density, blood conditions, low immunity, abnormal levels of blood sugar, hypertension will have to be treated with special care to avoid the occurrence of serious general health risks.

Dental implants success rate is largely related to the skill of the dentist who places it. You should take it upon yourself to find out how you can obtain the services of a good dental surgeon. Not all dentists can perform dental implants; check out for all the information about dental implants from the internet, dental implant centers, and your local dentist could also provide you with literature materials on teeth implants. This is an important aspect and should be taken seriously so as to guarantee satisfactory results.

During the consultation stage prior to the surgery, the dental surgeon will carry out an evaluation exercise to determine whether you have adequate bone tissue to be able to hold the implant in place, during the evaluation, dental x-rays, are obtained and the area where implants will be placed is examined so as to make sure that the quality of the bone is good and that there is sufficient quantity of the alveolar bone to support a dental implant and any forces that will be exerted on it. At Worthing Dental Centre, it is considered that this is the most crucial stage in the procedure as it will determine the pattern of the surgery. If there is insufficient bone tissue then a bone graft surgery will have to be undertaken to boost the bone tissue.

Perfect oral hygiene following the implantation is very important so as to increase the dental implant success rate. Smoking should be avoided as it is found to be one of the major causes of dental implant failure. The patient should follow the instructions of the surgeon on after-care and avoid any activities that may cause infections, during the surgery; all equipments should be sterilized to avoid external infections. By now it should be noted that the success rate of the procedure mainly depends on the implant dentist, so make sure that you make the right choice.


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