Causes of malocclusion

by on April 16, 2012

Malocclusion is defined as improper positioned teeth in the upper and lower jaws with inability to bite properly. Abnormal growth and development are believed to affect the bite, health of gum tissue, growth of jaw as well as appearance. Almost every person has a little bit of malocclusion of the teeth but most of the times, no treatment is needed.

It is generally believed that the development of malocclusion is associated with hereditary along with environmental factors. A recent research paper suggested that since the humans changed their dietary habits some 10,000 years ago and started eating soft and processed foods, it resulted in a reduction in their bite force to chew foods which eventually contributed in the development of misalignment and malocclusion of teeth.

The causes of malocclusion are as follows:


  • Childhood habits
  • Thumb sucking.
  •  Prolonged use of pacifier.
  • Prolonged bottle feeding.
  • Cramped or extra space in the jaw for teeth.
  •  Abnormalities of the teeth
  •   Impacted teeth.
  • Extra teeth.
  • Crooked or distorted teeth.
  • Lost teeth.
  • Acquired causes like ill fitting dental fillings, crowns, braces, etc.
  •  After injury or fractures of the jaw.
  •  Tumors of the mouth or jaw.



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