Ever Heard of Ivisalign?

by on February 20, 2012 | Posted in orthodontics

What could be better than having that perfect smile to boost your confidence? No doubt, having teeth in perfect shape can make or break your day. But what if you weren’t born with properly aligned teeth? Of course, there are dental procedures to fix the problem with the use of braces being the most common treatment option. However, there are many people who shy away from wearing braces just because it could affect their looks. A good answer to such concerns is the use of invisalign, which is actually an aesthetic orthodontic procedure involving a series of clear aligners that are aimed at correcting malaligned teeth, smiles and bites.

The treatment works best for adults, seniors and even teenagers. This concept of employing invisible removable appliances for moving teeth is becoming increasingly popular. The reason many people prefer these aligners over braces is the fact that they aren’t visible and easily fit with the user’s lifestyle as well as day-to-day interactions. As these invisible braces are removable, users have the flexibility of eating and drinking during treatment by removing them. And the aligners can be removed for brushing and flossing as well. They also don’t have any metal brackets that may cause mouth irritation.

After a person has undergone the treatment, it is important to keep the aligners clean by taking special care of them. The aligners should be properly brushed in between snacking as well as meals with toothpaste. Furthermore, it is recommended to soak them for at least ten minutes in a denture cleaning liquid every morning.


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