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Worthing Dental Centre was opened in 2005. We are pleased to announce that we are moving to new premises in 2012. The new clinic will offer larger facilities and modern dental technology to patients of Worthing and surrounding areas.

Dr Bruno SilvaDr Bruno Silva – Principal Dentist

GDC reg no. 77816
Dr Silva graduated in 2000 from the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. He has practiced in the London and Brighton area. He completed postgraduate training with leading specialists in Implant Surgery and prosthodontics in London’s West End and has attended several courses in United states and Europe. He is currently completing a Masters Degree in Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics at the prestigious Kings College, London. Dr Silva has placed more than 5000 dental implants during the last 7 years. Dr Silva is a member of the Association of Dental Implantology, British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the British Dental Association.


Dr Zuzana Resetarova – Dentist

GDC reg no. 84265
Dr Zuzana Resetarova graduated in 2001 from Medical University UPJS, Slovakia. She has practiced at University Hospital in Slovakia where she completed her Masters Degree in 2004. Alongside this she also worked in a busy private practice in Kosice, Slovakia. She owned a private practice in Tunbridge Wells for three years and in 2008 joined Worthing Dental Centre. Dr Resetarova attended several courses and seminars in Europe with an interest in prosthetics and restorative dentistry. She is a member of British Dental Association.


Dr Anu AmarasingheDr Anu Amarasinghe – Dentist

GDC reg no. 175815
Dr Anu Amarasinghe is originally from Sri Lanka, he graduated in 2001 as a dentist from the College of Dental Surgery, Manipal, India. He worked as a private general dental practitioner in Sri Lanka for the past 9 years. Anu worked at the Brighton Implant Clinic since the beginning of 2011 and joined Worthing Dental Centre in May 2011. Anu is particularly interested in Oral surgery and restorative dentistry.



Karuna KhuranaDr Karuna Khurana – Dentist

GDC reg no. 197573
Dr Karuna Khurana graduated in India in 2003. She has several years of experience as a dental practitioner from her time in India. After moving to the UK, she completed her Statutory Exam and MJDF Part 1 (Royal College of England) in the UK in 2010. Having finished her vocational training in London, she joined our team in January 2012. With a keen interest in continuing professional development, Dr Karuna keeps abreast with the latest developments in dentistry and attends courses and seminars. She loves her job as she really likes meeting and working with patients, listening to their requirements and reducing their fears. She feels great satisfaction in the variety and challenge that her job brings. Treating people as individuals in a confidential manner; and respecting and understanding their needs is paramount for her. She strives to help patients by being honest and reliable, producing consistent and assured treatment. She is passionate about seeing great results that leave patients smiling happily and confidently.


Dr Marta Frydrych – Dentist

Dr Marta Frydrych graduated in 2011 from Wroclaw Medical University, Poland. Before coming to the UK, she was working as a private general dentist nearly 3 years. In the same time she worked in the school surgery as a paedodontist where she gained more experience in treating children and patients with dentophobia. Marta attended post-grad courses in endodontics and cosmetic dentistry. In September 2014, she joined BIC Worthing to develop her skills and knowledge about implants. She is very happy to be a part of the team for whom the best quality always comes first. Marta loves travelling, French movies and Pilates.



Dr Ekaterina Teplova – Dentist

GDC reg no. 248757

Ekaterina (Kate) graduated from Saint Petersburg Pavlov State Medical University, located in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1998. From there, she worked for 10 years in Russia, serving a general dentist in a private clinical setting. Having moved to the United Kingdom from Russia in 2009, Kate worked as a dental nurse at Brighton Implant Clinic from 2010 to 2012. In 2013, she completed her Overseas Registration Examination and obtained her GDC registration. Over the course of her career, for keeping up-to-date in her expertise and knowledge base, Kate has completed several courses in endodontics, esthetic restorations, and communication skills in dentistry at the world’s leading centres of instruction as well as the world’s leading professional dental organisations.


Dr Theodoros Georgiou – Dentist







Dr Nerea Medizabal – Dentist

GDC reg no. 236999

Dr. Nerea Mendizabal graduated in 2006 from the Basque Country University. She worked as a private dentist in different practices in Barcelona where also completed postgraduates in Orthodontics, Paediatric and Cosmetic dentistry. She always tries to empathize with the patients to reduce their fears and make them feel confident in the dental chair.




Dr Matin Honary – Dentist

Dr Matin Honary graduated from The Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry in UK in 2012. Previous to obtaining her dental degree, Matin worked for many years as a qualified dental nurse in London and Bristol. In 2013 Matin passed the MJDF exam (Membership of the Joint Dental Faculties) and currently holds the diploma from The Royal College of Surgeons of England. She is also a member of British Dental Association. Matin enjoys all aspects of general dentistry and aims to help her patients feel comfortable and cared for.




Katarzyna VoiceKatarzyna Voice – Dental Nurse

GDC reg no. 222339
Kasia joined Worthing Dental Centre in 2010. She qualified as a dental nurse in 2011 at Northbrook College, where she has also received an Apprenticeship Award.





Andrea Goldschmidova – Dental Nurse

GDC reg no. 253654

Andrea Goldschmidova graduated in 2005 from the University of John Amos Comenius in Slovakia. She has worked at Worthing Dental Centre since 2012. She qualified as dental nurse in 2014 at Northbrook College.




Monika Laukova – Dental Nurse







Izabela Dziecielska – Dental Nurse







Agata Urbanska – Nurse







Kinga BalukiewiczKinga Balukiewicz – Nurse

Kinga joined Worthing Dental Centre in 2011 and assists in restorative dentistry. In 2011 Kinga completed Diploma in Health and Health Sciences Course at Brighton and Hove City College. In her spare time, Kinga enjoys cycling and exploring the beautiful coastal paths of Southern England.





Martina Mihalikoua-Hill

Martina Mihalikova-Hill – Nurse

Martina is from Slovakia. She graduated from the Economics University, Slovakia in 2006. In the same year she came to work in England. Since September 2011 she has worked as a dental nurse for Worthing Dental Centre.





Mo Sutton

Mo Sutton – Administrator/Receptionist

Mo works at Worthing Dental Centre and also at the Brighton Implant clinic. Mo joined the team in February 2008, having previously worked for a Bank for a number of years.





Sarah WhelanSarah Whelan – Receptionist

Sarah has worked as a receptionist at Worthing Dental Centre since 2007. Before this Sarah completed a degree and worked for a bank for a number of years. Sarah left to have twins in 2008 and another baby in 2010 so now she works just part-time. Sarah enjoys working as part of the reception team along with the challenges involved.





Petra Holinkova – Receptionist

Petra is originally from Czech Republic. She has graduated with a Master’s degree in Public Health Protection from University of South Bohemia in 2013. In the same year she came to England and since October 2014 she has been working as a receptionist in Brighton Implant Clinic in Worthing.  In her spare time Petra enjoys studying languages, travelling and exploring new places.




Maria Gortych – Dental Nurse/Receptionist

GDC reg no. 244303

Maria has been part of our team since 2010. She works exclusively with dental implant procedures as well as restorative dentistry and dental photography. She enjoys being part of Brighton Implant Clinic and is currently working at Worthing branch. Maria would like to develop her skills in the professional field. In her free time she enjoys working out, reading books, studying, travelling and taking pictures.



Hannah Elliot – Receptionist

Hannah joined Worthing Dental Centre in July 2013. Originally from Brighton, Hannah studied in Winchester for two years for a NVQ in Hairdressing and has previously worked in salons but now enjoys working as part of the reception team at the practice.






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